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Pushing datacenters to the next level in storage technology is our goal. Do you need 1TB or 512PB? File level or block level? SAN or NAS? We’ve got you covered on all sides. We make sure you have unlimited scalability, easy maintenance, lower TCO and reliability.

With our unique approach we want to be your trusty partner for delivering the systems and components you require.

Our storage portfolio balances storage capacity, performance and costs for the complete lifecycle of data - from production, business analytics and big data to backup and long-term archiving.

These storage families comprises:

  • All-flash systems
  • Hybrid disk and flash storage arrays
  • Hyper-scale and software-defined storage
  • Backup appliances
  • Tape libraries

These storage families provide "Business-centric Storage" by synchronizing storage resources with business priorities whilst reducing costs. Based on these products, leading technology from our partners and comprehensive services from Fujitsu & Boston we deliver complete storage solutions.

Our storage provides unlimited, modular scalability of storage capacity and performance at zero downtime for instant and cost efficient online access to extensive data volumes. Integrating open-source softwares into a storage system delivered with end-to-end maintenance from our partners enables IT organizations to fully benefit from open standards without implementation and operational risks. Providing hyper-scalable object, block, and file storage up to more than 50 PetaBytes of data in a cost optimized way this is the ideal storage for OpenStack users, service providers for cloud, IT and telecommunication as well as media-broadcasting companies. Financial and public institutions with ever-growing document repositories, large scale business analytics / big data applications as well as organizations with comprehensive multimedia data can be served by these storages in an excellent manner.

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