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Our workstations offer a sophisticated combination of leading-edge processor and graphics performance to increase application efficiency. These high-qualities, modular products in multiple form factors are configurable for your organization’s precise needs. You’ll enjoy smooth and trouble-free operation of all your applications. Best-in-class noise emissions help maximize productivity by contributing to a quieter working environment.

If you need maximum processor and graphics performance, plus expandability, Our Superior workstations are designed for you.

If you have challenging graphics- and processor performance requirements, choose Our Advanced workstations. They offer mobile and stationary form factors, and are individually configurable to optimise your working efficiency.

Our workstations in the all-round portfolio are versatile systems for price-conscious users.

If you need a stable, single-processor desktop workstation for entry-level 3D or CAD applications and the support of a legacy PCI slot, the FUJITSU CELSIUS W520 Long Lifecycle gives you the graphics capabilities, power and stability throughout now more than 36 months.

If you are looking for workstation power on-the-go packed in a 39.6 cm (15.6-inch) stylish form factor, then the FUJITSU CELSIUS H760 mobile workstation is the right choice. Its port replicator is compatible with seven LIFEBOOK devices and thus ideal for a shared desk environment. Maximum data security is guaranteed by the unique PalmSecure™ technology.

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